About us

»Exciting rough crystals, classical shapes or a brandnew concave mirror-cut. That’s the range this new company from Idar-Oberstein is offering. 
Extraordinary in cut, gemstone or both of it the pieces catch the eye. 
Also possible is cutting for your own creative ideas. We also do recutting and doubling. 
With our own cuts and by working together with a few excellent cutters we realize what ever is possible an deliver it to goldsmiths, silversmiths, yewellery-designers and all other people doing a professional work with gemstones.«

This was the first statement I gave to the GZ magazine after founding my firm. Of course a lot of things happened meanwhile and by change of structure we are now able to offer a better service without loss in innovation. 
I had been able to hold on my conception and so finally the first idea became our thesis. 
    Exciting gemstones, high quality, mid range prices.

Large engagement, intense teamwork with our partners and constantly improved knowledge are a solid foundation for further success, especially because there is a growing number of improved, processed, treated and mostly: "for shure only heated my best friend" offers on the market.

We also use synthetics, but only for experiments and development. If we have stones in stock which are color or clarity improved we declare this like any other treatments based on the international CIBJO-rules. 
In case of doubt we let the pieces be checked at the international appreciated German Gemmological Institute.

International teamwork is personal interest of mine because that´s the best way to make shure to get first informations about stones .

The same interest is on working together with our partners because I belive that constant success is only possible that way. Therefore I need a little help from you because sometimes things go wrong. 
If you are wondering about something in business with us, please call or give us an e-mail. 
It´s not possible to avoid every mistake but mostly it´s possible to recorrect if one knows right in time.

That´s why we will be glad if you give us a call or e-mail for an appointment to show the whole selection "live" when we are in your area next time.

With best wishes and kind regards,