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New audio book - Über Schmuck und Stein

Über Schmuck und Stein ( about jewelry and gemstones )

Entertainment, insider tips and thing to know about gemstones. 

Read by Volker Schwarz

Lenght 72 min.

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Australia in 100 days

The independent filmmaker Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg got to know the fifth continent in 100 days. They show marvelous pictures, their most exciting and exotic experiences without any commercial obligations .
"Australia in 100 days" is a real roadmovie without any pathos.

19.90 *

South Africa - The movie

The indepentent filmmaker Silke Schranz und Christian Wüstenberg traveled cross-country with their camping bus. They documented this 10.000 kilometer way from Cape town to Johannesburg everyday with their cameras. An incredible movie came out with a lot of staggering landscapes, animal observations and touching encounters with South Africans.


Movie lenght : 2 hours and 35 min.

20.90 *
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